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Why #uPVC is still widely chosen?

uPVC? Why is it chosen over the other products made from aluminium or timber? The main advantages of uPVC window and doors over the others is:

- cheap price!

- low maintenance in the long term (as long as it's a good uPVC: REHAU, VEKA, DECEUNICK)

- fast turnaround time (up to 5 working days!)

The disadvantage of uPVC products is:

- NO SLIMLINE options

- not necessarily are environmentally friendly (it is uPVC after all)

- Limited colour option (NO RAL colour palette works here)

- Limited design options. All in all, over the last 2 years we observed the increase of the demand for the uPVC products. Maybe it's something to do with the economy reaction to the #BREXIT. #uPVC products are chosen by the #property developers who renovate the houses/flats dedicated for the letting sector.

We supply uPVC windows using the TOP profile producers which makes our customers at ease as they are fine for decades with their choices. We have very fast turnaround time for uPVC #casement windows.

Should you have any questions about your current or future projects please do not hesitate to contact us: 020 3475 9240 / 077 868 12234 #flats #letting #houses #windows #doors hashtag#residential #lowmaintenance #housing #timber #aluminium #rehau #veka #renovate #architects #design #property #properties

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